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Harlem Grown’s mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. Their work focuses on the heart of Harlem, planting fruits and vegetables and growing healthy children and sustainable communities.

Harlem Grown has 13 urban agriculture facilities ranging from soil-based farms, hydroponic greenhouses and school gardens.

Since 2011, Harlem Grown has operated local urban farms, increased access to and knowledge of healthy food for Harlem residents and provided farm-based development programs to Harlem youth.

Healthy habits start young, which is why Harlem Grown's programs target elementary-aged students. Because food justice is more than just providing and distributing food, their model seeks to positively impact the entire community through mentorship, education, and partnerships to create sustainable change.

One of the many ways they fulfill their mission is by providing the community with access to their seven streams of programming and transforming spaces in Harlem into thriving urban farms. Visit to learn more.

Children and parents gardening together
Children and parents gardening together
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  • Why This Matters

    The purpose of the organization is not just to grow fruits and vegetables, but to grow people and build sustainable communities. Harlem Grown values the perspectives of Harlem's youth and sees them as the greatest strength in the community. Their programs are designed to use urban farms as living classrooms and facilitate hands-on, experiential culturally responsive lessons for youth. They meet an imminent need in the community as they provide opportunities to engage in nutrition, sustainability and urban farming education paired with access to free nutritious foods, grown on our farms, all of which lead to a meaningful experience with nature and healthy living. Harlem Grown develops systems and policies to support staff and community members in order to meet people where they are and create opportunities to help them thrive.


    Learn from them. During their 12 years of operation, Harlem Grown has served as a beacon in their community and as a leader spearheading food justice, urban farming, sustainability, nutrition and healthy through their urban agricultural spaces and programming.

    Work with them. They are an equal opportunity employer, and are committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, where each individual feels as if their identity, experience, and values are represented and supported.

    Lend them your skills. From internships to volunteering and community service, they have opportunities available for individuals High School-aged and up.

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