Hand holding material made from air

Twelve is The Carbon Transformation™ Company. Their technology is a new breed of electrochemical reactor that works like industrial photosynthesis. At the heart of the technology is a highly efficient novel CO₂-reducing catalyst that electrifies CO₂ and water, producing only oxygen and water as outputs. The Opus™ system makes chemicals, materials and fuels that are currently made from refining fossil fuels.

Twelves uses carbon dioxide, water, and renewable energy to make things from air, not oil.

Twelve began in 2015 at Stanford University where Dr. Etosha Cave, Dr. Kendra Kuhl and clean tech entrepreneur Nicholas Flanders met. With an ambition to solve climate change by transforming our biggest climate threat, CO₂, into our greatest untapped solution, they developed field-leading knowledge of CO₂ electrocatalysis. Their founding technology vision was to translate that fundamental scientific understanding into the world’s first scalable, industrially-robust, and cost-competitive CO₂ transformation device.

  • A fossil-free future

    Twelve’s technology is a critical missing piece to closing the carbon loop to create fossil-free materials and energy systems.

  • It takes everybody

    In order to reach 2030 and 2050 goals to keep global warming on a sub-2-degree pathway, it’s going to take everyone and every approach working together.

  • We can do this

    We are clear-eyed about the challenges that lie ahead and embrace with enthusiasm and determination the audacity of the effort required.

  • Why This Matters

    With its modularly scaling Opus™ technology, Twelve can eliminate up to 10% of global emissions by transforming existing supply chains from running on fossil fuels to running on CO₂. Using revolutionary technology, they are reinventing what it means to be a chemical company in the climate era.

  • What You Can Do

    Twelve is a team of scientists, engineers and problem solvers on a mission to fundamentally shift the way the world addresses climate change and lead the transition to a fossil free future. Find out more at

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