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Andrea Bowers

You can usually find Andrea Bowers in her studio, on the front line of the issues she cares about, or offering hospitality to the communities she supports. Her work explores the intersection between activism and art. She focuses on the necessity of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience in the lives of women. Her intricate photorealist drawings and videos pay homage to a multitude of movements, particularly feminism, climate justice, and immigrant rights.

Science and facts are important, but my role as an artist is to visualize compelling and emotive images for human rights and the expansion of freedoms.”

Andrea Bowers

Andrea Bowers' Protest Ribbons are silk-screened with messages that bring urgent focus to social justice and our current climate emergency. A variation of her Political Ribbons series, it calls to mind the tradition of Suffragette ribbons and nonviolent protest.

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Photo: Taz Essa

We have to stop treating the earth like a resource and start treating it like a relative.”

Andrea Bowers
  • Why This Matters

    Art can convey socially relevant messages through the aesthetic power of its language.

  • What You Can Do

    Find your place in the climate movement and use your voice. Stand up for climate issues. Speak up for climate issues. Keep learning about climate issues.