ODA listening to the world


A smiling and waving star with hands and feet

Oda builds meticulously crafted listening experiences. Like a window of sound to the world, listeners hear the dawn chorus every morning, and the frogs at night. You feel like you live in a forest. It’s good for you: it calms you and connects you to nature. It’s good for the people who take care of the land you’re listening to, and it’s good for our planet, as all sound is used for bioacoustic environmental research.

In gathering the sound, Oda works with those who keep the land alive.

ODA will play live sound from the cloud forests and the oceanside rainforests of Central America. ODA works with local communities and environmental and animal-welfare organizations in gathering the sound, which is always live, changing as the day moves to night and then on to a glorious dawn. As days go by listeners feel like they know every little animal and insect that lives in that place. Sound builds a connection of tenderness and compassion.

At the Climate Science Fair the sound will be played through ODA's large panels of sound at the High Line amphitheater. It will stream continuously from September 20th to September 24th, day and night, and will also be accessible on a listening website open to the public.

Natural sound is an earth resource of great value. 

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  • Why This Matters

    When we listen to nature, we feel better, more serene, more present. More in union with the natural world.

  • What You Can Do

    By listening attentively, we can learn how the world is doing.

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