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The Indigenous women activists, artists, and scholars at the heart of this campaign exemplify the ideals of guardianship, kinship, reciprocity, and wisdom. Their voices, work, and leadership benefit not only their own peoples and communities, but all of us who share this planet — which is why now, more than ever, we must celebrate them, listen to them, and most importantly, follow their lead.


Nia Tero is a US-based non-profit working in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples and movements worldwide. Their governing bodies, leadership, and staff are of diverse non-Indigenous and Indigenous identities and life experiences. They view this diversity as a source of our strength as a bridging organization committed to Indigenous guardianship, self-determination, and an inclusive culture guided by Indigenous wisdom, practices, worldviews, and protocols. Their North Star is the foundational principle of reciprocity, which is the interdependency and relationship between the Earth, humanity and all other species.

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    Indigenous Peoples uphold many of the planet's healthiest ecosystems, rich in biodiversity, and systems essential to the security of global food production, fresh water, and ultimately, the Earth's climate.

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    Global commitments to protect thirty percent of the world’s land and ocean by 2030 must also require that Indigenous territories are intact, and that Indigenous self-governance is acknowledged and supported by the world.

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    There should be no decisions made about Indigenous territories without Indigenous Peoples’ agreement and deep engagement.

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  • Why This Matters

    Remarkable places within Indigenous territories persist because of what Nia Tero calls guardianship: Time-earned knowledge systems and place-specific technologies linked to the right, responsibility and capacity to sustain vital natural systems.

    Enormous pressures threaten guardianship around the world, and Indigenous Peoples are seeking recognition, partnership and support to counter these forces. Nia Tero exists to help make this happen.

  • What You Can Do

    Take Action in Support of Indigenous Guardianship.

    Join Nia Tero in elevating the work of their partners and supporting their shared vision of a world where Indigenous guardianship of thriving homelands and waters is enabled everywhere possible on Earth.

    Get involved by uplifting Indigenous Peoples leading the way, sharing their campaigns, subscribing to their podcast, and engaging with their community of Indigenous creators.

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